Released on March 8, 2017

Reference : Alr 002

Eponymous disc of the group “grand format" le Vanneau Huppé from le Collectif Spatule “last born" of the jazz collective from Nantes, founded by the meeting of Colunia and la Baronne Bleue. Here, the nine musicians deliver a melodic and demanding jazz where the specificity of each instrument is sublimated title by title.

A mixed “Acoustic Jazz" album drawing on influences in European and Indian classical musics and using improvisation as a way of expression.

A must listen !!

Julien Vinçonneau : Guitare, Compositions
Xavier Normand : Contrebasse
Elie Dalibert : Saxophone Alto
Florian Chaigne : Batterie

Invités :

Leïla Martial : Chant (2 et 6)
Nelson Veras : Guitare (3 et 7)
Geoffroy Tamisier : Trompette (4 et 6)
Gweltaz Hervé : Saxophone Alto (1)

  1. Bumblebee (J.Vinçonneau) (7’24)
  2. Milk It (Niravana/J.Vinçonneau)  (4’49)
  3. Nine Drops (J.Vinçonneau) (7’27)
  4. Ekko.M (J.Vinçonneau) (6’36)
  5. Dorian Druming (J.Vinçonneau) (4’55)
  6. ACLP Pop Song (P.Neruda/J.Vinçonneau) (6’44)
  7. Tête Chercheuse (J.Vinçonneau) (4’17)

Total Time : 42,12

Sample Text

– Produit par Julien Vinçonneau et Aloya Records
– Album enregistré et mixé à Rocheservière par Olivier Ménard au studio Corner Box
– Masterisé par Pierre Vandewaeter au Studio Lakanal
– Artwork/Design par Melody Tassou (Médiatomik)
– Concerts/Booking : [email protected]


Chloé Cailleton : vocal
Pascal Vandenbulcke : flute
Gweltaz Herve : saxophon
Émilie Chevillard : chromatic harp
Fabien Ewenczyk : guitar
Stephane Oster : cello
Rémi Allain : double-bass
Gabor Turi : drums, overtone singing
Florian Chaigne : drums


  1. Fabulous (Fabien Ewenczyk) (8’07)
  2. Cimes (Rémi Allain/Texte de Valérie Rouzeau) (8’30)
  3. Piouit (0’29)
  4. Âdhyâtma Murshida (Florian Chaigne) (9’35)
  5. Réminiscences (Fabien Ewenczyk) (5’47)
  6. 13 à table (Pascal Vandenbulcke) (15’26)

Total Time : 47,54


Produced by the collective Spatule

Recorded and mixed in Rocheservière by Olivier Ménard at Studio Corner Box

Mastered by Anthony Deneufve

Artwork/Design by Mr. Macarré

“Le Vanneau Huppé maintains a disconcerting agility and a lightness that befits perfectly Chloe Cailleton … The result is colorful and carefree, like all birds of good omen."Citizen Jazz

“This album crackles with an electricity that sounds like laughter, feels like euphoria and lights up the room with a jolt of beauty. This is one of the very best things I’ve heard all year."Bird is the Worm

“A music lover’s happiness. The six titles allow you to hear the vast aesthetic and acoustic palette of this amazing band.."Tohu-Bohu

“A very nice discovery: we listen and listen with great pleasure !"Culture Jazz