published February 9, 2018

Reference : Alr 003

Noble and crazy Jazz songs!

La Baronne Bleue has five heads, five voices, whether instrumental or vocal, as many tonnes, languages and sound universes.

Freeing a classical orchestration combining rhythmic section and melodic instruments, la Baronne Bleue is distinguished by an interlacing of voices from which a melody can arise at any moment.

Led by guitarist and composer Fabien Ewenczyk, this elegant and crazy quintet offers original music that does not care about labels, oscillating between different aesthetics (jazz, improvised music, contemporary music) and making the beautiful part of unequal temperaments.

A disc in which writing and improvisation are intimately linked, carried by a beautiful collective energy.

The Baroness travels, escapes, heats up and remembers. Remembers that it comes from jazz and that it has always been blue.

A few samples from the first EP released in September 2014:


Chloé Cailleton : vocal

Fabien Ewenczyk : guitars, compositions

Pascal Vandenbulcke : flutes

Stéphane Oster : cello

Gabor Turi : drums


1- Folkish You 1 – 2,01

2- Folkish You 2 – 3,32

3- The twin – 3,35

4 – Il gatto 1 – 4,09

5 – il gatto 2 – 3,41

6 – Bourrasque – 5,08

7 – Impro – 3,02

8- Valse en troc 7,23


Recording and mixing at Studio Box Corner  by Olivier Ménard in February 2017

Mastering at the STUDIO LAKANAL in Montpellier in September 2017

Artwork by Andres Restrepo

Teaser by Madéo (Christophe Harrison)

“De la noblesse dans le talent des musiciens. Mais surtout une joyeuse ballade musicale, remède efficace contre les matins gris. Voyage imaginaire aussi à travers les langues, celles réelles (italien, anglais, français) ou moins réelles… “ –  Radio Prun

“Chloé Cailleton est l’étincelle de ce quintet élégant dont la musique est mise au service de chansons aventureuses. Flûte, violoncelle, guitare et batterie s’accordent autour de ballades ou d’envolées souvent décalées. Le jazz est ici pop ou folk, toujours cool et soigné."Hautparleur