@Cordes Sensitive Nantes

Nina KIBUANDA Texts, Slammed poetry
Xavier NORMAND Compositions, Double bass, Cello, Sound effects
Ulrik PALUD Samples, Machines and Sound Management
Stéphane BAZOGE Lighting creation
Galatée DIETRICH-SAINSAULIEU Artist Secretary – Association DOUCHA

Julien LOPES Author – writing support
Alice HAMEAU Graphic creations
Thibault FAUVRE Photographer
Matthieu JOUBERT Photographer
Christophe CHAUVET Outside view

An artistic creation of a life course The duo CORDES SENSIBLES was born from a human meeting of trust between two talented musicians and artists: Nina Kibuanda and Xavier Normand. Together, they drew on the poetic repertoire of Nina Kibuanda's collections to bring out the sensitive essence of a life trajectory filled with the blues of origins, fragility and hope.
With the creation ESPRIT LIBÉRÉ, Nina Kibuanda immerses herself in her past and traces her story: from her birth in Kinshasa to the future of a young man heckled by life, others, differences; and today father and artist full of life and hope. It is intertwined with this intimate and moving story the elements of a reflection on origins, determinism, the school system, the manufacture of identities, the relationship with others, parity, the management of malaise, self-reconstruction and hope. To show that poetry is constantly in motion, Nina chooses to switch from one language to another, from her mother tongue Lingala to French.
The sound is serious, the tone is optimistic and life is poetry!

Nina Kibuanda Slammer, poet, writer, director and major player in educational success in priority neighbourhoods. He introduces in his texts, jazz, slam and poetry. Through this art, he campaigns for peace and living together!Xavier Normand's music liberates words With the complicity of the writing of bassist Xavier Normand and an electro-acoustic sound assisted by Ulrik Palud, Nina Kibuanda declaims her intimate and poetic story.
Together, they try to unite poetry (spoken word) with living music. The lyrics are linked to melodies and sound effects, and the music intertwines with the flow. Poetry proclaimed Esprit Libéré mirrors social determinism and the life course of an artist in full boiling. This show is conceived as a deeply sensitive, poetic and musical work!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JnuCwTvH6k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6Mz3rgZOfY

Thank you : André Hisse, Julien Lopes, Stépahne Bazoge, Jean Baptiste Oyer, Myriam Naël, Christophe Chauvet, Thibault Fauvret, Jonathan Marcoz, Hugo Le Baill, Matthieu Joubert, Benoît Seiller, Babz, Maëla Mainguy, Alain Predour, Les Studios Bellarue 17 and all the teachers who trusted us during the workshops of expression in music… …

The creation ESPRIT LIBÉRÉ received the support of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Pays de la Loire, the Regional Council of Pays de la Loire, the Departmental Council of Loire Atlantique, the Air Mouth, the City of Nantes and the Artistic Factories, the House of Arts – ONYX and the City of Saint Herblain , Cour et Jardin and the City of Vertou, ACCOORD and the Maison de Quartier des Dervallières de Nantes, SPEDIDAM and Soundaction.

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