Released on November 30, 2016

Reference : Alr 001

“A Close Land …", the one of a modern jazz dear to the guitarist Julien Vinçonneau for several years. A close country, but open to the outside – “close", not “closed" – both aesthetically and humanly: “A Close Land … & People".

For his first album, Julien Vinçonneau favors collective play than an ego trip, inviting artists who count for him: the virtuoso of the nylon strings Nelson Veras, the trumpet player on edge Geoffroy Tamisier, the singer Leïla Martial, who works her voice as an instrument, the alto saxophonist Gweltaz Hervé.

Four big names, each having their featuring along the seven titles composed and arranged by the guy from Nantes, with as a conductor a quartet with play as incisive as subtle. Around Julien Vinçonneau: Xavier Normand (Doucha, Urban Stories) on double bass, Elie Dalibert (Sidony Box, 1 Name 4 a Crew) on alto saxophone and Florian Chaigne (Colunia, Ketu) on drums.

Before being the work of a guitarist, A Close Land & People is a journey into the world of a composer-arranger. A musician as much marked by the jazz – modern and classical – as by the rock, who allows himself a rereading of one of the most “wild" pieces of Nirvana (Milk It). Here, the guitar gladly glances towards metal, distinguishing itself from the sound typically stamped Julien Vinçonneau, aerial, rich in effects.

“Less is more," as Miles advocated. This is probably what the guitarist said to himself by not irrigating his disc of too many solos (three on the whole) but privileging an impressionist game and an art of composition-chameleon, adapting his writing to the universe of his guests: timeless ballad for Geoffroy Tamisier (Ekko.M), sax duel for Gweltaz Hervé (Bumblebee), scholarly but striking compositions for Nelson Veras (Nine Drops and the well named Tête Chercheuse), epic melody for Leïla Martial (ACLP Pop Song).

“ACLP"? The acronym of A Close Land and People, because the title of the first album of Julien Vinçonneau Quartet is also a nod to a loved one to the musician, having the same initials. No doubt, behind the prestigious “featuring", it is indeed a disc written with the heart that offers itself to us.


Julien Vinçonneau : Guitar, Composing
Xavier Normand : Double bass
Elie Dalibert : Alto Saxophone
Florian Chaigne : Drums

Guests :

Leïla Martial : Vocal (2 et 6)
Nelson Veras : Guitar (3 et 7)
Geoffroy Tamisier : Trumpet (4 et 6)
Gweltaz Hervé : Alto Saxophone  (1)


  1. Bumblebee (J.Vinçonneau) (7’24)
  2. Milk It (Niravana/J.Vinçonneau)  (4’49)
  3. Nine Drops (J.Vinçonneau) (7’27)
  4. Ekko.M (J.Vinçonneau) (6’36)
  5. Dorian Druming (J.Vinçonneau) (4’55)
  6. ACLP Pop Song (P.Neruda/J.Vinçonneau) (6’44)
  7. Tête Chercheuse (J.Vinçonneau) (4’17)

Total Time : 42,12


Produced by Julien Vinçonneau and Aloya Records
Album recorded and mixed in Rocheservière by Olivier Ménard at the studio Corner Box
Mastered by Pierre Vandewaeter at Studio Lakanal
Artwork / Design by Melody Tassou (Mediatomik)
Live / Booking: [email protected]

A very engaging disc" – Open Jazz / France Musique

“A beautiful work in seven slices equally delightful. For the first production of his quartet, Julien Vinçonneau surrounded himself with a few guests who will enrich compositions of great elegance" – Tohu Bohu

“…The quartet led by the guitarist from Nantes Julien Vinçonneau puts a foot in the door as soon as his first release  and could very quickly settle in the courtyard of the musicians who count, those who you are watching news in an anxious greed" – Citizen Jazz

“A hybrid and amazing record" – Place Publique

“We confirm the interest of this disc based on a very solid quartet that invites a few musicians friends among whom the vocalist Leïla Martial that makes wonder on two themes with more rock and pop accents" – Culture Jazz

“Energy, groove, enthusiasm, this is my feeling listening to this first Julien Vinçonneau’s record, who knew to surround himself with talented musicians, various generations, ready to put themselves at the service of his universe" – David Chevallier