Energetic, warm and fun, the jazz of Colunia drives, surprises, captivates!

Colunia is jazz ....

... but not only

The influences of traditional and classical music intertwine in the compositions magnified by the presence of a new type of harp called chromatic harp; a nascent instrument, which opens up new possibilities, to discover absolutely! The four musicians of Colunia take you on a journey with multiple colors, compositions and improvisations, and reveal a warm, playful and subtle atmosphere …

A little story

At the end of 2013, Emilie and Florian put together a quartet around the harp with Rémi Allain on bass and Ludovic Ernault on saxophones. One of Emilie’s compositions “Colunia” gives her name to the group.

The group debuts in café-concerts and is quickly supported by Pannonica. From January 2015, Colunia is accompanied by Trempolino and the CRDJ (Regional Jazz Broadcasting Committee in the Pays-de-la-Loire), within the Artists on Stage system and Gweltaz Hervé takes over from Ludovic to the saxophones. Colunia is getting closer to another Nantais group, the Blue Baroness, and initiates a collaboration that quickly leads to the creation of the collective “Spatula” .Colunia continues to perform regularly, with strong times and begins to develop cultural actions. The 2016-2017 season begins with a regional tour that includes Colunia Cholet Glass Garden, the small theater Pouancé, Space Machecoul Retz and the City of Congress of Nantes, Auditorium 2000 (Jazz Phase ).

 In the fall of 2017, the group plays in the context of the cultural season of Pont Saint-Martin and the Théâtre de Saint-Nazaire, National Scene. In early 2018, Emeric Chevallier replaces Rémi on the double bass and the adventure continues: Colunia leaves for an Estonian tour then is retained for the Traverses device proposed by Music and Dance in Loire-Atlantique, this device aims to bring out and accompany the creation and the diffusion in partnership with 8 rooms of department 44.